Field Trip Programs

We offer FREE field programs for Kindergarten to Grade 5 students.  All trips take place  in the Community Forest except Grade 2.   Buses CANNOT make it to the Community Forest so PARENT DRIVERS ARE NEEDED.  

Our grade 2 trip takes place at Lexw Qwò:m Park which is BUS  ACCESSIBLE.

One class at time.  No exceptions.  Thank you. Please include several dates that  would work when you email. 

Field Trip Program

Chilliwack Community Forest

Lexw Qwò:m Park 

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We run Field Trips in the Community Forest and at Lexw Qwò:m Park for Elementary School Students

All Field trips are offered FREE of charge

Grade 2 Trip is BUS ACCESSIBLE at Lexw Qwò:m Park  

Kindergarten, Grade 1, 3, 4 and 5 trips take place  in the Community Forest and NEED PARENT DRIVERS.

Please include several dates in your email that would work for your class.  Field trips start at 9:00 and end at 1:00.  One class at a time.  No exceptions. 

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Our half day kindergarten program is designed as an introduction to the forest. Students will be shown the smallest of fungus that live in the forest to the tallest of trees and many living things in between. The day includes an easy 1.5 km hike, hands on stations, story time and short periods of instruction. Our kindergarten field trip is made possible by a grant from the Chilliwack Foundation. Parent drivers needed. One class at a time.

Grade 1

The Grade one program focuses on living and non-living things in the forest. Students will learn their respective characteristics and then do a hike and scavenger hunt to discover them in the Community Forest. Highlights include a story in the forest  and hands on stations. Parent drivers needed. One class at a time.

Grade 2

Our grade 2 is BUS ACCESSIBLE! Our  grade 2 program focuses on the water cycle. Students will spend the day exploring a variety of hands on centres that teach them about the different aspects of the water cycle. With access to Dunville Creek at the new Lewx Qwò:m Park, students will be able to see the former water intake for tap water in Chilliwack as well as participate  in a Boat Race with boats made from natural materials.  One  class at a  time.

Grade 3

 Our grade 3 program focuses on different uses for the forest plants (including past and present First Nations uses), trees and animals. Students will hike into the forest and do a plant identification activity with common plants found in the forest.  Students will have the opportunity to try stinging nettle tea, make art using smashed plants, hike 2.5km and explore the forest with hands on stations. Parent drivers needed. One class at a time.

Grade 4

Students will learn about Forest Succession and "perform" a Forest Succession play with props. The 4km hike goes through new and old growth forest to demonstrate how a forest grows.  Additionally, students will learn about the animals that live in the community forest using puzzles and visual signs. Parent drivers needed. One class at a time.

Grade 5

The grade 5 program reviews the curriculum from the previous K-4 field trips and also introduces forest safety. Students will learn how to use a map and compass. The field trip will also include hands on stations and a longer 5 km hike with basic orienteeringParent drivers needed. One class at a time.

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Our Field Trips are offered FREE of charge thanks to generous grants from TD Friends of the Environment and the Chilliwack Foundation. Thank you to the City of Chilliwack for their continued  support.


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