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We offer FREE field programs for Kindergarten to Grade 5 students.  All trips take place  in the Community Forest except Grade 2.   Buses CANNOT make it to the Community Forest so PARENT DRIVERS ARE NEEDED.  

Our grade 2 trip takes place at Lexw Qwò:m Park which is BUS  ACCESSIBLE.

One class at time.  No exceptions.  Thank you. Please include several dates that  would work when you email. 

Field Trip Program

Lexw Qwò:m Park 

All available trips for Spring 2024 are taken.  
Thank you for your interest.  
Check back in the fall for availability.

 We run Field Trips at Lexw Qwò:m Park for Grade 2 to 5 students.

All Field trips are offered FREE of charge

Yellow Bus

Lexw Qwò:m Park  is BUS ACCESSIBLE Bus cost is NOT covered.  

Please include several dates in your email that would work for your class.  One or two classes at a time. (Maximum 45 students, no exceptions.)

Field trips start at 9:00 and end at 1:00.

Grade 2 to Grade 5

All programs take place at Lexw Qwò:m Park.  Trips start at 9:00 and end at 1:00.  All field trips involve centres (including hand held microscopes, a Story Walk and some art.)  Students will also go on a hike based on their age and skill level.


Grade 2 trip focuses on the Water Cycle.  The Grade 3 trip involves the different uses forest plants (including past and present First Nations uses).  The Grade 4  trip will focus on the Forest Biome and its observable characteristics.  Grade 5 students will learn about forest safety and different animals that live in the area using puzzles and visual signs.  

Thank you!


Our Field Trips are offered FREE of charge thanks to generous grants from TD Friends of the Environment and the Chilliwack Foundation. Thank you to the City of Chilliwack for their continued  support.

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