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Please be respectful in your communication. Harsh words don't help.

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Sample Letter of Support to your local MLA, Mayor & Council

Mayor Popove & Chilliwack City Council,
I am writing you today as a resident of Chilliwack to request that you work alongside the Chilliwack Park Society and local developers to explore every possible avenue to protect the last accessible urban forest area in North Chilliwack: Little Mountain.
Mature forests act as civic infrastructure. Their foliage cleans and cools our air while their root system stabilizes soil and prevents mudslides and floods. The incredible geographical positioning of Little Mountain provides tens of thousands of North Chilliwack residents easy access to elevation hiking and forest immersion which is important for lowering anxiety and supporting both mental and physical wellness. 
For some of our residents, transportation barriers exclude them from enjoying other parks like the Community Forest, Rotary Trail & Vedder Mountain. In many cases, these are the families that can most acutely benefit from a no-cost amenity that increases mental wellness, lowers anxiety and promotes healthy exercise.
Access points to Little Mountain trails are within a 15-minute walk/bike radius for tens of thousands of families and residents. The new Little Mountain stairs are a 60-second walk from the closest bus stop, and an 8-minute walk from the Yale Menzies exchange, widening access all of North Chilliwack and beyond.
The Chilliwack Park Society has proven with the Community Forest, Lexw Qwò:m and other nature park areas that residents want and use this infrastructure.  As our city grows in population and more of our greenspaces become neighbourhoods, more and more people are being squeezed into fewer natural areas.  This is one of the last forests under City control.
I implore you to look very seriously at ways to not only preserve the City owned land on Little Mountain, but to find ways to expand the park, through park budgets, developer incentives, and local / provincial partnerships.
Time is truly of the essence. If you haven’t hiked on Little Mountain yet, please take the time to hike the trails and see the forest that is in danger as the clearcuts continue.

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